Announcing Valraven: The Chronicles of Blood and Iron 🇬🇧🇺🇸

Announcing Valraven: The Chronicles of Blood and Iron 🇬🇧🇺🇸

Hi there! 

Some of you already know about Valraven: after Broken Tales we did a survey about future projects and Valraven was on top of the list of what people wanted to see from us. The game is already available in Italian, and now the time has finally come for the English translation, which will launch later this spring on Backerkit Crowdfunding!


About the game

For more than seventy years, the Erenwald Empire and the Republic of Dormas have been locked in a fratricidal conflict, though its roots have long been forgotten. The Holy Church of Light lends support to both contenders in their search for fertile ground in which to sow the seed of faith. Meanwhile, the mysterious Darokar arrive from the far east, ready to lay waste to the lands of Valraven. Many innocents suffer under the yoke of one faction or another, each of which is seized by a savagery that knows no mercy. Some even find a dangerous ally in the profane Hand of the Abyss, a demonic force ready to seize those desperate enough to sell their souls.
Against this backdrop of perpetual war, companies of mercenaries decide the fortunes of their faction on the battlefield, forging their own destinies in blood and iron.

Written by ENNIE-nominated author Alberto Tronchi and produced by us, the team behind Broken Tales and Dead Air: Seasons, Valraven: The Chronicles of Blood and Iron is not your average fantasy.

Valraven: The Chronicles of Blood and Iron is a dark fantasy TTRPG inspired by Kentaro Miura's Berserk, G.R.R. Martin's The Song of Ice and Fire, and Dragon Age.


The game is powered by the Monad Echo system (Broken TalesDead Air: Seasons), which focuses on mechanically impactful storytelling and fast action resolution where the balance of risk/reward is paramount (free SRD available here).

Players are all part of the same mercenary company and must navigate the treacherous political landscape of Valraven, with pressure from factions on all sides. The game introduces a novel four-seasons structure, positioning your company amidst ravaged battlefields and at the heart of palace conspiracies. It also allows for focused narratives on pursuing a Character's dreams at critical moments – the repercussions of which are yours to decide.

Free stuff

Sign up now and follow the campaign updatesearly backers at any physical level will receive a free poster-sized double-sided map of Valraven with their pledge. Get a clear strategic view of your faction's goals and what others are after with the printed map of Valraven!

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