Cosa sono le Stagioni della Piaga? 🇮🇹🇬🇧🇺🇸

<tc>The Seasons of the Blight 🇬🇧🇺🇸</tc>


This is the first in a series of updates leading up to the Dead Air: Seasons campaign launch. We thought the first question to answer would be, "Why this subtitle, Seasons?"

Dead Air: Seasons is a game that shines over medium and long campaigns, and we want to explain why today.

The survival and development of the Community, of which the Characters are a part, is at the heart of the game. As a result, each story arc that the Characters face in the game represents a risk or an opportunity for their Community, which is referred to as a Crisis in game terms: the arrival of new survivors in the region, a lack of raw materials critical to survival, the need to negotiate a beneficial deal with a neighboring settlement, an invasion of Awakened, or other manifestation of the Blight.

Crises and Counters

In Dead Air: Seasons, "routine" issues will not be played out. By delving only into events important to the Community, time will move fast: Crisis after Crisis, the Region will evolve as the Characters age and their choices and priorities will change.

Once resolved, each Crisis will be assigned an Outcome and will fill a number of sectors (from 1 to 4) on a counter known as the Event Counter. Depending on the Outcome attained, the Community will gain either an Achievement or a Defeat, which will result in advantages or disadvantages directly accessible to the Characters.

When the last sector of the Event Counter is blackened, the Counter resets to zero and a second (Seasons) Counter advances one sector: this event marks the end of a Season of the Blight.

The Breath of the Blight

When this happens, a special event called the Breath of the Blight is triggered: the Region undergoes major changes, which directly impact the lives of the Communities that reside there and the possible dangers they will face, and which are directly attributable to the Blight itself. Want an example from the book?

The main river in the region overflows due to heavy rainfall, uncontrolled vegetation growth, and human failure to clean up the banks, flooding the lower elevation areas. A large portion of the land has been transformed into a large swamp, where movement is only possible by boat. The water also transports mycelia, which aids in the spread of the Blight.

The game world will change with the Seasons – will you be able to adapt?

Until the next update!

Dead Air: Seasons arrives on Backerkit Crowdfunding in November.

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