Dead Air: Seasons debutta a Novembre su Backerkit Crowdfunding 🇮🇹🇬🇧🇺🇸

<tc>Dead Air: Seasons will debut this November on Backerkit Crowdfunding 🇬🇧🇺🇸</tc>


We announced the arrival of Dead Air: Seasons a few months ago, during TWA Week 2022. It's finally time to provide you with some additional information: first and foremost, check out the trailer! 

Coming this November, on Backerkit Crowdfunding

Dead Air: Seasons will arrive in November on Backerkit Crowdfunding, a new crowdfunding platform that aims to compete with Kickstarter. If you want to know why Backerking Crowdfunding, scroll down for the FAQ.

Like what you've seen so far? Sign up on the bookmark page - if you pledge with the same email address, you'll get The Daughter of the Blight, a three-act game campaign (+ stretch goals), for free!

Dead Air: Seasons in brief

Our ecosystem was dying. All of humanity's hope lay in Panacea: a scientific miracle that would repair the damage caused by centuries of hubris and neglect. Perhaps it was the sheer bulk of pollution to ingest. Maybe it was a flaw in the design of Panacea itself. Whatever the cause, humanity only had the briefest flight of hope before careening to the very brink of extinction.

Panacea, created to be our savior, had become the Blight. And nature was devouring all as it reclaimed the lands it had lost.

Dead Air: Seasons is a post-apocalyptic tabletop RPG centered around people's stories, exploring a world that has changed forever, and the inevitability of nature demanding a tribute.

It is developed by the creative team behind Broken Tales, and runs on the same acclaimed game system, here amped up for a grim survival action experience.

If you love works such as The Last of Us series, Station 11, The Road, Sweet Tooth, Children of Men, Annihilation, or The Girl With All the Gifts, Dead Air: Seasons is the game for you.

September 15 - The Quickstart PDF

The Dead Air: Seasons Quickstart will be available on September 15th! You can subscribe to the bookmark page and receive it in your inbox as soon as it is ready. 

The Dead Air: Seasons Quickstart includes the game's core rules, the first act of The Daughter of the Blight campaign, and a ready-to-play cast of characters.


Why will the campaign take place on Backerkit Crowdfunding rather than Kickstarter?

Backerkit Crowdfunding is a new platform that was only recently announced. We were invited to discuss Dead Air: Seasons, they liked the project, and now we will have the honor of being one of the first European (and the first Italian) projects to launch on the platform. Backerkit provides us with promotional assistance that would be unthinkable on Kickstarter. So we decided to seize the opportunity and test this new platform.

But you're not going to use Kickstarter anymore?

Our goal is not to be completely reliant on Kickstarter, which has caused us numerous headaches in the past due to ambiguous or abruptly changed rules, as well as questionable customer service. Having an alternative platform to launch a project on is necessary, good, and correct. That being said, we will continue to use Kickstarter in the future, but not exclusively.

But isn't Backerkit a pledge manager?

Backerkit also serves as a pledge manager. Backerkit actually provides a variety of services, the most recent of which is crowdfunding.

Can I use my Backerkit account to contribute to the campaign?

Yes. That was one of the factors that swayed our decision. Many of you are already familiar with Backerkit as a Pledge Manager, and you likely have an account that you can use to support Dead Air: Seasons.

Will the overall experience be similar to that of Kickstarter?

Yes, on the backer side it is almost identical. On our side, there are many interesting features that Backerkit Crowdfunding is working on that Kickstarter does not offer. More information will be provided as the campaign approaches!

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