Il trailer di Broken Tales: Lost Stories! 🇮🇹🇬🇧🇺🇸

<tc>The trailer for Broken Tales: Lost Stories 🇬🇧🇺🇸</tc>


The time has come to show you the trailer for Broken Tales: Lost Stories, coming to Kickstarter on May 31!

What do you think? Can you guess who the Nemeses appearing in the video are?

Nemeses – your personal nightmare

Lost Stories will introduce the Nemeses, a new type of NPC, as well as a new chapter of the Broken Tales story that expands the core book's campaign before and after the confrontation with The One Who Plots in the Shadows!

The Nemeses are five super-NPCs (but Lost Stories will also include rules for creating your own Nemesis) who represent The One Who Plots in the Shadows' most capable servants. Each Nemesis is based on a famous fairytale character associated with classic archetypes (the trailer already offers some hints). Nemeses have a set of rules to manage their cameos in game campaigns, with specific instructions to make them act in sync with Hunters' actions.

But the true power of a Nemesis is that it transforms into the Hunter's worst nightmare and represents their greatest possible adversity. Never before have the Hunters had to learn to work as a team as much as they do now in order to support one another against their respective Nemesis.

Along with the Rome chapter, the Nemesis chapter will introduce new information and stories about the world of Broken Tales, deepening its lore and giving all Storytellers new insights into expanding all Scenarios, leaving a Nemesis' mark in each one.

Intrigued? The Nemeses are just a small portion of the new content you'll find in Lost StoriesBookmark the campaign and keep your eyes peeled for more previews!

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