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Hi there!

Some time ago, we ran a survey on some possible projects to pursue in the coming years. Bitter Chalice was among them and received incredibly positive feedback.

We are now pleased to confirm that Bitter Chalice is in development and that we have chosen Harry Conway as the key artist for the project (the logo is by our excellent Daniel Comerci.)

There’s still a lot to do, but Giacomo Gordesco (Endelstrom, Raam Scoria) and Enrico Pasotti (Nostalgia: La Flotta Nomade) have already been hard at work for some time.

For now, sip the chalice and relax. We want to do things right. At the moment, we expect the project not to be ready before 2024. The good news is that we can finally plan some public playtest from now on!

See below the first official image from Bitter Chalice.

The world of Bitter Chalice

“… and men sealed those places, for their waters had become bitter.”

A long time has passed since the lands around Vathan were declared infected, and the Seal Wall was erected around them. Those trapped within search in vain, their desperate thirst leaving them at the mercy of the many horrors spawned in these cursed lands. Survival can be found in blasphemous spells or ancient alchemical practices, but is bought at a heavy price. Survivors face the choice of dying at the hands of monsters… or becoming one themselves.

Fools! You have ventured into a place from which no one has returned. What twist of fate brought you here? And what hope do you have of getting out?

Legends say that only by finding the Holy Water, now rare and strenuously guarded, can you cross the Seal Wall, finally returning home. But every end is achieved only through great atonement. And when we have nothing but ourselves, what else is there left to sacrifice?

The game

Inspired by the universes of Bloodborne and Dark Souls, Bitter Chalice is a setting-crawler, or rather an Adventure Game with an included system – a vast RPG campaign approachable from multiple angles.

Bitter Chalice is structured by interconnected maps and does not aim to generate a predefined path but rather help Storytellers and Players explore the bizarre and decadent lore of the Infected Lands, home of the ancient Vathan, the city of the Holy Waters. Thanks to many narrative hooks, Storytellers and Players will weave their stories together, discovering how the Infected Lands and their Bitter Waters are intertwined with the stories of their Characters.

Distinct survival and advancement mechanics will push players towards quenching the thirst that torments their bodies, all the while revealing the terrible secrets of Vathan and its surroundings. Push your imagination to the limit in a brutal world where every artifact can be curse or salvation, and every sip could be the cure you seek or just another way to plunge into madness.

During the TWA Week…

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