Broken Tales preview - Giacomo the Swordsman

The Beast is on my trail .


The second Hunter you will find in Quickstart of Broken Tales is James the Swordsman , illustrated by Daniel Comerci!

In my life I have been many things, ship captain, duelist of great fame and lover of the most beautiful noblewomen. After years of successes and victories, a mysterious boy defeated me with deception. The one I hate above all else led me to the lair of a dangerous Beast and, after having imprisoned me, left me to feed the monster. I survived leaving us, alas, a hand ... I know for sure that the one I am looking for is not human and I entered the Order to hunt him down and thus have my revenge.

James will have Gifts (special abilities) linked to these Descriptors:

  • I am a skilled swordsman and I know etiquette, which is why the Order considers me an excellent element to spend in society. I love to indulge in good food and loose company.
  • I have learned to deal with monsters and aberrations without being intimidated. The Beast is on my trail because, after having tasted my flesh, it can no longer do without it.
  • I am a man of the world and there really is nothing left that can amaze me. I never question myself, after all I'm the best at what I do.

You will be able to discover all the regulatory part concerning Giacomo in the Quickstart of Broken Tales , coming soon on April 5th .

Design diary

Alberto Tronchi tells us how he decided to rethink the character of Hook:

"Unlike Baba Yaga, with Giacomo I focused more on the" romantic "side of the character, a man of the world, skilled with the sword and in some ways vain .

The setting of Broken Tales inspired me to place Giacomo as a capable duelist rather than a pirate, a use that makes him accustomed and well integrated in the salons of the high society of the eighteenth century. I pushed more on the game of overturning the perspective , also because the same original character alternates cruel behaviors with attitudes of kindness and a completely personal sense of justice .

Hook hates to lose, and this also remains in James the Swordsman: revenge against this mysterious boy who defeated him with deception is the strongest drive of the character. Incidentally, it is also what brings out his Dark Self, which is a Gift called I'll Have My Challenge . Finally, finding nice the idea of ​​the beast that follows him to finish the meal , I dedicated one of the Gifts to this very thing: a very powerful resource which, however, is also a considerable problem, but which, if managed, can overturn any situation! ”

In the next update we will take a break from the characters to talk about some distinguished guests of the


The Broken Tales Kickstarter campaign starts in May .
If you missed the announcement of Broken Tales , find it here .

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