Dead Air: Seasons arriva in autunno 🇮🇹 🇬🇧 🇺🇸

<transcy>Dead Air: Seasons, coming this Fall 🇬🇧 🇺🇸</transcy>


For a while now we’ve been working on a game called Dead Air: Seasons, a tabletop RPG running on the same system as Broken Tales, Monad Echo.

Dead Air: Seasons is an RPG about the consequences of human greed, the failed attempts to remedy our mistakes, and the unleashing of an ecological catastrophe called the Blight. Ten years after the apocalypse broke out, the few survivors who did not fall victim to the Blight are hiding in isolated or well-protected places. Outside the settlements of the Communities, nature has reclaimed with extreme speed the spaces that had been taken away from it under the invigorating effect of the Blight. Villages have been engulfed by vegetation, and animals run through the streets or nest in the luxurious attics of the cities that once belonged to the world elite. In just one decade, the Blight has transformed the face of every continent, restoring an ecosystem upset by human presence.

The title, “Seasons,” refers to the passage of time, which will play a fundamental role in the evolution of the Community of the characters and the world around them.

Dead Air: Seasons is inspired by a multitude of works such as The Last of Us series, Station 11, The Road, Contagion, Children of Men, and many others.

Ok, but when?

Work on the game is at an advanced stage, however, we felt it wiser to deliver Broken Tales before getting the next Kickstarter off the ground. For this reason, we believe a Dead Air: Seasons campaign is likely to happen in the last quarter of 2022.

Expect more accurate news and the game’s Quickstart after the Summer!

In the meantime, hit up our Discord server: we will organize an English public playtest in the coming months.

What to expect

First of all, you can see the Core Book cover in the header. We think it’s pretty good. Today we are also happy to reveal that there is a second book titled Dead Air: Brave New World on the way, packed with additional materials!

For now, here’s a small teaser of Brave New World‘s focus. We’ll share more details in the coming months!

During the TWA Week…

We are running games on our server. Broken Tales, sure, but also Dead Air: Seasons! Check out the #game-calendar channel and book your slot to play with our Community!

Friday 10 at 7 PM GMT / UTC 0 / 11:00 AM PST we’ll also have a live Q&A session with Tommaso, The World Anvil Publishing Creative Director. Set up a notification on our server to be reminded! This might not be the only live event of the week…

One announcement left. See you tomorrow!

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