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Hello survivors!

With the campaign kicking off on November 8, it's time to start learning about the rewards. Today we'll look at the Dead Air: Seasons Core Book and the first game expansion, Dead Air: Brave New World.

The Core Book

The cover art is well-known, but what can you expect to find inside the Dead Air: Seasons Core Book? Everything listed below, plus (most likely) more!

What happened: The Blight's story as seen through the eyes of the survivors.

The world now: An overview of Dead Air: Seasons' world and how the constant threat of the Blight has forced humans to reinvent society.

The game system: The complete set of rules for Monad Echo, the streamlined game system you know from Broken Tales. The system is built around storytelling, but is now tailored for a survival experience.

Character Creation: The guidelines for creating protagonists. The Core Book contains eight Archetypes (see previous update) that can be mixed and matched to create effective combinations of Gifts and personality.

The rules for creating the Community: the place where the Characters live, with all its benefits and drawbacks, and the people they care about.

A modular approach to developing territory, social dynamics, and areas of interest: The guidelines for creating the game Region, the stage on which the Characters will move, as well as those for creating areas of interest (Sectors) with all the necessary details and social dynamics.

The Blight and its aftermath: All information on the contagion and its offspring. From the Awakened, which are humans who have been hopelessly contaminated by the Blight, to the Chimeras, which are horribly infected animals. In addition, the Blight causes other natural threats such as Crimson Zones, Fungal Colonies, and Abnormal Mycelia.

The rules for generating Crises, the engine of each campaign, and how their epilogue will move a Season forward, affecting the game world.

All Core Book Stretch Goals and much more!

Brave New World

The first expansion for Dead Air: Seasons, Brave New World (how do you like the cover?), is designed to provide plenty of material to use at the table right away.

You'll find the following items inside:

2 new Archetypes, with more to unlock: Soldier (trained military personnel) and Provectus (those who can tame the Blight), plus all their Gifts.

Rules for establishing hostile Communities.

5 ready-to-use starting Communities for your Characters to begin in.

5 ready-to-use external Communities for you to drop in your Region.

10 Thematic Sectors with pre-made areas and social dynamics, including story hooks and NPCs, that you can use to begin your game or drop into any custom campaign.

All the Brave New World Stretch Goals.

We have a lot more planned... Will you be there on November 8th?

Dead Air: Seasons arrives on Backerkit Crowdfunding on November 8th

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