Dead Air: Seasons - Le altre ricompense! 🇮🇹🇺🇸🇬🇧

<tc>Dead Air: Seasons - The other rewards! 🇺🇸🇬🇧</tc>

Hello survivors!

We are almost there: a couple of weeks and the Dead Air: Seasons campaign will be live on Backerkit Crowdfunding (find the countdown on the page itself).

We are so close and so... no more mysteries! What else will you find in the campaign?

The Master's Screen

For the first time, and after exhausting audience pleas for our previous games, with Dead Air: Seasons we will introduce a Master's Screen (or "Master of the Blight's", in our case), on three solid horizontal panels. The front will feature a beautiful illustration by Samuele Zardinoni, while the back will include tables, procedures to consult on the fly, and a set of useful tools to help you while playing!

The custom dice set

In the campaign you will also find a set of 12 dice (3 Advantage, 3 Drawback, and 6 Standard dice) we are planning to commission to the industry leader Q-Workshops, for the highest possible quality.

Although the game is playable with regular d6s, these custom dice, in addition to being stylish, support the game and help you read Check results more quickly and intuitively.

The Daughter of the Blight

The third book featured in the campaign - free for those who register on this page and for Early Birds in the first 48h - is The Daughter of the Blight. It contains Railway, the Quickstart Scenario with some improvements, two additional Scenarios (The Devil's Bargain and Crimson) continuining the events of the first Act, 5 pregenerated characters and then... it will depend on the Stretch Goals!

In short, we're going all in with quality for the Dead Air: Seasons' campaign. Will you be there on November 8?

Dead Air: Seasons arrives on Backerkit Crowdfunding on November 8th

By subscribing to the bookmark you will immediately access the Quickstart, and if you support the campaign, you will be entitled to receive the game campaign The Daughter of the Plague for free.

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