Gli Archetipi di Dead Air: Seasons 🇮🇹🇬🇧🇺🇸

<tc>The Archetypes of Dead Air: Seasons 🇬🇧🇺🇸</tc>

Hello survivors!

The Dead Air: Seasons campaign is approaching. If the universe doesn't get in the way, the launch date will be November 8 - mark it on your calendar!

Today, we'd like to give you an idea of the types of characters you'll be playing in a Dead Air: Seasons session. We'll limit ourselves to the 8 Archetypes available in the Core Book; for those who can't get enough, know that there will be more in the game's first expansion, Dead Air: Brave New World, which we'll discuss in an upcoming update.

The Archetypes

During character creation in Dead Air: Seasons, you will be required to select up to two Archetypes that can be combined with each other, for a total of 64 possible combinations. These archetypes are as follows:

Athlete: has made body care and intensive training their lifestyle. 

Examples: athletes of any sports discipline or team game, fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders.

Fighter: has developed martial or military skills independently, out of necessity or passion. 

Examples: martial artists, fencers, hunters or shooters who have perfected their aim over the years, target shooting enthusiasts. 

Criminal: has violated, or continues to violate, the rules of society for personal gain. His low morality has allowed him to survive to this day, often at the expense of others.  

Examples: thieves, swindlers, drug dealers, forgers, fences, robbers. 

Expert: possesses theoretical and practical skills in a specific field of application. His knowledge is mainly practical in nature and he tends to work in the field.

Examples: mechanics, electricians, nurses, surveillance system experts, farmers.

Explorer: nature lover, able to spend days in the woods and move and survive in hostile environments. 

Examples: hikers, mountain guides, forest rangers, scouts trained to move in nature.

Leader: personality of great charisma capable of inspiring the masses. A Leader addresses their interlocutor to motivate or give direction, not to manipulate them.

Examples: officers, captains of industry, political or religious leaders, managers, area managers.

Manipulator: knows how to behave and what to say to achieve their purposes. Makes communication their main weapon, both to mitigate tempers and to exacerbate them. 

Examples: journalists, influencers, popularizers, preachers, politicians, marketers.

Savant: has extensive theoretical and/or specialized knowledge in a specific branch of the academic field. A Savant is not necessarily a college graduate and may have followed an atypical or unofficial course of study. 

Examples: physicians, scientists, theologians, academics in general.

What happens, for example, by combining Savant with Explorer? Robert here below is one of the characters you can get.

Robert is a scholar with great theoretical knowledge, so his main Archetype is undoubtedly the Savant. Since he likes to work in the field and therefore is a very practical person, as a second Archetype we could choose Expert. However, we have pictured him as a person who goes to the woods and is completely at ease in nature, and we have assigned him the Descriptor "I can move confidently in the woods and wilderness": so we choose the Archetype Explorer. 

Of course, it will be possible to play a single Archetype when it makes the most sense for the character in question or the context in which he or she is placed.

Have you started thinking about who you'd like to play?

Dead Air: Seasons arrives on Backerkit Crowdfunding on November 8th. 

By subscribing to the bookmark you will be able to download the Quickstart immediately , and if you support the campaign, you will be entitled to receive the game campaign The Daughter of the Plague for free .

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