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Second announcement of the week: we are working on the System Reference Document (SRD) for Monad Echo, the system powering Broken Tales, and three more of our (untranslated) games!

Written by Alberto Tronchi and inspired by the most appreciated parts of the Monad System (our old generic system), Monad Echo has, over time, carved out a substantial niche of admirers.

The SRD, which we expect to be ready in the Summer, is a document that contains all the vanilla mechanical procedures of the system. This document, free to download, will allow people to develop their own Monad Echo-based game, share it, and yes, even sell it!

The SRD of Monad Echo will be published under a Creative Commons license (CC-BY SA 4.0).

Time to find your old notebook packed with ideas!

During TWA Week…

We are running games on our server. Broken Tales, sure, but also something else… check out the #game-calendar channel and book your slot to play with our Community!

Friday 10 at 7 PM GMT / UTC 0 / 11:00 AM PST we’ll also have a live Q&A session with Tommaso, The World Anvil Publishing Creative Director. Set up a notification on our server to be reminded! This might not be the only live event of the week…

Later, with the third TWA Week announcement!

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