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The Broken Ones - PDF Bundle 🇬🇧 🇺🇸

The Broken Ones - PDF Bundle 🇬🇧 🇺🇸

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In this Broken Tales expansion, we introduce the Broken Ones: those who, turned evil because of the Savior Child's wish, were later redeemed as a result of the resolution of the Core Book Scenarios. The Broken Ones also introduces a solo game mode and a game-within-a-game: The Village, an OSR-inspired mode to play the Broken Tales as weak humans...


PDF, full color, 176 pages. The bundle includes 13 Hunter Sheets. In the The Broken Ones you'll find:

  • Seven extra Scenarios: The House of Roses (inspired by Beauty and the Beast), Hunger Island (inspired by Hansel & Gretel), I Don't Believe (inspired by Peter Pan), Bloodwhite (inspired by Snow White), In Your Eyes, With Your Feet (inspired by Cinderella), Stegeborg's Quiet (inspired by The Sleeping Beauty), and I Will Stay with You Always (inspired by The Happy Prince).
  • The Village, an OSR-inspired ruleset, enabling you to play each Scenario as an ordinary human standing up to the horror of Broken Fairytales.
  • The Treasury of the Order: a collection of iconic items from the most famous fairytales, each with its own "broken story." Hunters will be able to use these treasures to freshen up the list of Gifts in their possession.
  • Rules for Solo play.
  • 13 ready-made Hunters based on well-known fairytale villains:

    Alice of Other Worlds, Beauty and her Beast, Bloodwhite, Carlo the Living Puppet, Hatta Carter, The Knight with a Hundred Heads, Iskra the Young Wolf, The Gang of Three Pigs, Morgana of the Lake, OZena the Suffering, Sherazade the Weaver of Tales, Talia the Sleeper and Yvonne of the Dark

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