Broken Tales Preview - Baba Yaga, the Child Witch

"I want to appear like a demon in the eyes of those fools"


Today we introduce you to the first Hunter you will find in Quickstart of Broken Tales coming on April 5th: Baba Yaga, the Child Witch , illustrated by Daniel Comerci!

I am a child witch and my power is matched only by my ambition. I didn't have a childhood, for the simple reason that I was born already aware of my abilities. For many I am cynical and cruel, but only because they do not accept the fact that they are just insignificant pawns on the board of the game in which witches and sorcerers play their battles. The Order does not look in the face at my age, and for this reason it has given me the role of leader that I deserve.

Baba Yaga will have Gifts (special abilities) linked to these Descriptors:

  • I am a sorceress and my magical powers allow me to do what I want. I need the right time to cast my spells.
  • I am good at understanding people, which is why the Order chose me as the leader of the Hunters. I love to manipulate people and I often do it even for no real reason.
  • Like any self-respecting witch I have with me my trusty bag full of herbs, poisons and all kinds of magical tools. My childish appearance is often helpful to me, but it sometimes leads others to disregard me and that's something I hate.

You will be able to discover all the regulatory part concerning Baba Yaga in the Quickstart of Broken Tales .

Design diary

Alberto Tronchi talks about Baba Yaga's design:

"As with all the Hunters you will find in Broken Tales , for Baba Yaga I followed a process of 'breaking', that is, the creation of a new identity starting from the original stories.

I speak in the plural because the Baba Yaga is a recurring figure in Slavic mythology that according to the stories in which she appears she has different powers and characteristics. To overturn means to put the character in open contrast to who she is, but this does not have to be applied in an univocal way.

Deciding a point of departure for Baba Yaga and having in mind some key words for the character, such as old witch , it came natural to me to think of a little girl, the exact opposite. of the classic bad old woman. At the same time, words like spells and spells remained to represent a great sorceress, as well as her cynical and manipulative disposition , although her appearance childish does not give her great credibility ... but how, you say, the Hunters of Broken Tales aren't the villains in fairy tales who have the opportunity to redeem themselves?

Many of them as you will see in the next updates are anti-heroes, committed to doing the right thing while keeping their darker and more fairytale side. At the level of play, the Gifts of Baba Yaga make her capable of the most amazing magic and good at manipulating others with doubts and promises. Her Dark Self (the most powerful Gift of any Hunter) is called The Evil Witch, and as the name implies, it will allow Baba Yaga to unleash all her power, scaring humans and animals with her incredible strength. arcane! ”

The Broken Tales Kickstarter campaign starts in May .
If you missed the announcement of Broken Tales , find it here .

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