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Tommaso De Benetti / Luca Vanin

The Core Team

Tommaso De Benetti

Tommaso De Benetti works as Communications Director in the videogame industry. In his “free time,” he writes (mostly) games. In 2015 he decided to turn his passion for unplugged gaming into a small label: The World Anvil Publishing. With 30 years of gaming experience under his belt, he’s in charge of operations, promotion and serves as Creative Director for all publishing projects.

Luca Vanin

As a young boy, Luca Vanin started studying the forgotten builder arts from his ancestors. Back then, his interest in martial arts became progressively more acute, pushing him to train harder. Thanks to his new powers, he learned about the Loggia degli Irrealisti, a historical RPG association operating in the area of Treviso, Veneto. After this enlightenment, he started to spend his days between the Builders' Guild and the Loggia, never ceasing to explore new universes, colonize new worlds, and experimenting with RPG design. He's now putting all of his mystical skills in the service of The World Anvil.

Long-term collaborators:

Alberto Tronchi

Daniel Comerci

Enrico Pasotti

Giacomo Gordesco

Federico Scattolin

Natascia Cortesi