I Cacciatori di Broken Tales: Lost Stories 🇮🇹🇬🇧🇺🇸

<tc>The Hunters of Broken Tales: Lost Stories 🇬🇧🇺🇸</tc>


Broken Tales: Lost Stories (bookmark the campaign from here) introduces a slew of new Hunters to the field, and the basic cast, as with previous books, is comprised of five elements:

Miss Snow & Lady Storm: This Hunter (which you have already had a chance to download as a preview) introduces a powerful new witch to the ranks of the Hunters, but with the twist of two personalities sharing a body. Miss Snow does her best as an apprentice sorceress, unaware that she has the ability to transform into the ferocious and powerful Lady Storm.

Tremoteus Rumpel: During the previous campaign, Rumpelstiltskin was one of the most popular villains, and we have to admit that we always found him to be very interesting to break. Enters Tremoteus Rumpel, a respectable lawman prepared to uphold any agreement!

Circe the Alchemist: Broken Tales is primarily about fairytales, but we occasionally stray into myth, and Circe is a figure who has always caught our attention. Circe uses her special potions to achieve the most incredible effects and bestow incredible abilities on her devoted pig Eurylochus, who is always by her side.

Loki the Deceiver: Deception and lies are fundamental components of the world of Broken Tales, as those who have already played the Core Book campaign know. But what happens when a Hunter is the master of all deception?

Prince Trollo the Innocent: The Troll, the main character in numerous fairytales, is frequently portrayed as a villain who enjoys switching out human babies in the cradle. What occurs to these young Trolls, though? One of them has developed into a prince who battles with bravery and innocence to demonstrate how character is revealed by one's actions, not by family history.

Of course, we have much more in store. Don't miss out on the additional Hunters that will be available during the campaign, many of which will be exclusive to backers

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