Roma, la Città dell'Ordine 🇮🇹🇬🇧🇺🇸

<tc>The City of the Order: Rome 🇬🇧🇺🇸</tc>



Rome is the papal seat and has always served as the main hub for Hunters traversing Broken Europe. Rome has been mentioned frequently in earlier Broken Tales manuals, even as a point of return for the Hunters between adventures. In this new expansion manual, there will be space for a lengthy overview of the city, with new game options designed primarily for a Campaign, but with ideas and insights for use in one-shots as well.

Rome adds to the backstory of Broken Tales, shedding light on the Order's organization, its agents, and how The One Who Plots in Shadows unknowingly gave birth to what later became his greatest problem.

The chapter on Rome will present new Dark Presences, an overview of the city, interesting places and events to create encounters during the Campaign, and useful options for the Storyteller to introduce new problems for the Hunters, such as groups of "colleagues" ready to compete, or side quests that will open the way to useful clues in the fight against The One Who Plots in the Shadows. There will also be opportunities in Rome, such as the possibility of obtaining the Order's Treasures or commissioning special tasks from a Dark Presence who will work for the Hunters behind the scenes.

In short, Rome will serve as a junction point, providing the Hunters with a landmark on the map of Broken Europe, to which they will return to piece together everything that has happened during the investigation.

Are you prepared to enter the Eternal City on May 31st?


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