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Valraven: The Chronicles of Blood and Iron Quickstart 🇬🇧🇺🇸

Valraven: The Chronicles of Blood and Iron Quickstart 🇬🇧🇺🇸

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For more than seventy years, the Erenwald Empire and the Republic of Dormas have been locked in a fratricidal conflict, though its roots have long been forgotten. The Holy Church of Light lends support to both contenders in their search for fertile ground in which to sow the seed of faith. Meanwhile, the mysterious Darokar arrive from the far east, ready to lay waste to the lands of Valraven. Many innocents suffer under the yoke of one faction or another, each of which is seized by a savagery that knows no mercy. Some even find a dangerous ally in the profane Hand of the Abyss, a demonic force ready to seize those desperate enough to sell their souls.

Against this backdrop of perpetual war, companies of mercenaries decide the fortunes of their faction on the battlefield, forging their own destinies in blood and iron.

Valraven: The Chronicles of Blood and Iron
immerses you in a savage fantasy realm embroiled in an unending conflict, where empires clash and demonic entities vie for dominion over the continent of Valraven. This role-playing game unfolds within a grim medieval universe, echoing the intense aura of Kentaro Miura's Berserk, and drawing inspiration from other mature fantasy series like Dragon Age and A Song of Ice and Fire.

This Quickstart includes:

  • An overview of the setting of Valraven: The Chronicles of Blood and Iron
  • All the rules you need to get started
  • The introductory Scenario Widmar's DestinyAfter four years of conflict, the fortunes of war have turned against the Republic of Dormas. Erenwald's forces have broken through the front line north of the Borderlands and taken control of much of the territory. The key now is to maintain control of Widmar, the last remaining major city in the former Kingdom of Karnwald, which has been turned into a battlefield over the years due to its strategic value. The Company of the Steel Falcons, led by Captain Alyssa of Rye, has barricaded itself in the great city, awaiting the arrival of reinforcements from Dormas. But an unexpected threat lurks in the shadows...
  • 5 pregen characters

Valraven's Backerkit Crowdfunding campaign starts on May 8th, 2024!

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